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Forbes Cowan
Forbes Cowan entered and won his first strongman competition, Cunninghame's Strongest Man in May 1960. He repeated his win the following year and moved into the professional ranks. A year later he won Scotland's Strongest Man and was joint first with Gary Taylor in Europe's Strongest Man. In 1993 he took the British Muscle Power Championship and was the competition tester and British reserve for the 1993 World's Stongest Man competition in France.

This very determined Scot has had a meteoric career in the professional ranks.

Forbes Cowan Forbes Cowan
Photograph courtesy of Sons of Samson
Forbes also participated in the Highland Games. He execelled in caber tossing and throwing 56lb in weight or height. His throws of 16' 6" in the latter assured is place in the world rankings.

Forbes Cowan came fourth in the World Muscle Power championship of 1993 and 1994, and he won the European Muscle Power title in 1995, beating the great Magnus Ver Magnusson and other famous title olders.

In the World's Strongest Man competition held in South Africa in 1994, he created a sensation when he won his heat against tough opposition, including the current title holder and entered the final in great style. During a sensatonal pole push were he beat the eventual overall winner, Forbes sustained an agonizing rib injury. True to his reputation for toughness, he battled on to finish in fourth place - although in great pain! He was outstanding in his heat of the World's Strongest Man in Mauritius, however, back injuries reocurred and he placed fifth in the final. Over the years in spite of a hectic strength itinerary, he still managed to fit in many Highland Games between May and September each year.